Promising Pennsylvania Dentist Earns Six‐Figures For New Office

Contact: Chris Hovde, Todd Bowe

Dr. Ada Greenfield was looking to rebuild her practice – a process that begins with a call to Clarion Financial®.

Lower Gwynedd, PA (November, 2008) – Clarion Financial® is pleased to announce that Lower Gwynedd Endodontics has recently received over $400,000 in the form of a loan and line of credit.

Lower Gwynedd Endodontics, led by founder Dr. Ada Greenfield, was ready to expand into a modern, tech‐savvy office. The funds received from Clarion Financial® will be used to fund a total buildout of Dr. Greenfield’s new office and fill it with top‐notch equipment. Dr. Greenfield, a veteran endodontic practitioner, obtained information about Clarion Financial® from her Benco Dental Sales Rep, who informer her about how easy acquiring a loan from Clarion Financial® can be. “It was very easy and nice,” Dr. Greenfield said. “It was really smooth and everything was hassle‐free. I highly recommend Clarion.”

Dr. Greenfield’s loan totaled $448,299 and is just what she was looking for to give her practice the jumpstart it needed. After speaking with her Benco Sales Rep, Dr. Greenfield spoke with professionals at Clarion Financial®, finding the ease of obtaining a loan for practice development.

Clarion Financial® deals solely with the healthcare industry, serving practitioners looking to bolster their careers. Their experts understand the industry and dynamics of a healthcare practice, allowing Clarion Financial® to assist thousands of practitioners with financing.

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