Budding Virginia Practice Receives $230,000 in Startup Funds

Contact: Chris Hovde, Todd Bowe

Recent Dental School Grad Utilizes Clarion Financial® to Get New Practice off the Ground

Onley, VA (November, 2008) – Clarion Financial® is delighted to announce that Dr. Spencer G. Shelley has obtained a loan for more than $230,000 to open a new practice in Virginia.

Dr. Shelley, a recent dental school grad, consulted with Benco Dental and Clarion Financial® professionals when he was ready to open his first practice, which is to be fully equipped with products and equipment from Benco.

“The application process was quick and easy,” Dr. Shelley said. “Some of the other places I tried to apply wanted specific business plans and when you’re trying to start up, you don’t have time for that.”

An initial loan provided Dr. Shelley with startup funds but when he came to find more financing would be necessary, he easily obtained more money from Clarion. In total, the up and coming doctor received $237,018 in November 2008 for his new Onley, VA practice.

Clarion Financial® deals solely with the healthcare industry. Whether a practice is opening its doors for the first time or expanding with new technology, Clarion’s experts understand the industry and dynamics of a healthcare practice, allowing Clarion Financial® to assist thousands of practitioners with financing.

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