Ohio Dentists Obtain Over $450,000 from Clarion to Finance Practice Improvements and New Equipment

Contact: Chris Hovde, Todd Bowe

Dentists found financing an entire startup practice as easy as leasing a car.

Marion, OH (August, 2009) – Drs. Timothy Chase and David Hypes successfully obtained a loan for over $450,000 to start their new practice, Marion Dental Associates, Inc. The loan proceeds were primarily used for leasehold improvements and to purchase equipment for the practice.

The dentists secured their funding in August 2009 after being introduced to Clarion by their friendly Benco Dental Rep. Dr. Chase found the approval process very easy, “Almost as easy as leasing a car,” stated Dr. Chase.

“Todd and Chris were very professional, thorough and honest,” said Dr. Chase, who commented he would “absolutely” recommend Clarion Financial® to his peers in the dental community.

Clarion Financial® deals solely with the healthcare industry, serving even the most seasoned dentists ready to advance into the technological age. Their experts understand the industry and dynamics of a healthcare practice, allowing Clarion Financial® to assist thousands of practitioners with financing.

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