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As a dentist, you might not be neighbors and partners with a yoga studio, but you can benefit from a few tips from Dr. Peter Igoe.

This Western New York practitioner, shown above in a photo courtesy of, believes in whole body health, which means that your teeth are related to your overall whole body health: healthy teeth equals healthy body.

A recent shift in his practice location offers a significant benefit.

“There’s a positive energy, a positive atmosphere,” Dr. Igoe told Jim Krencik of in a recent interview.

Dr. Igoe references the connection between a business that began sharing a roof with his practice in 2015:  Igoe 2 Yoga, his wife Laura’s studio.

According to, the couple is making full use of their new West Center Street Extension building, a 3,325-square-foot building with the yoga studio and dental office sharing space to encourage a connection between dental and full-body health.

Dr. Igoe enlisted Clarion Financial® to take the stress out of the financing process and help he and his wife bring their visions to life. With Clarion and their SBA lending partner in the picture, he was able to finance the acquisition and new construction of his new building, an $1.8 million investment.

As a dentist, he offers a number of comfort-enhancing options at his new office in Medina, and it’s no stretch to assume his wife’s business does the same.

Dr. Igoe’s patients benefits from:

* pain-free, anesthesia-free dentistry with the use of Solea Laser from Convergent, also financed by Clarion Financial®

* wide windows, which offer a view of the Erie Canal from the five dental hygiene and operatory rooms.

* space planning, which creates efficiency and time savings. A CAD/CAM milling unit that turns ceramic blocks into crowns or inlay/onlays, sits a short walk away the operatory room where teeth are X-rayed by a handheld, digital unit and crowns designed on a computer inside the room.

* informed patients, courtesy of televisions that can be swung to display x-rays and explanatory videos.

Be inspired by more of Dr. Igoe’s adaptations at:

Visit in person: Dr. Peter C. Igoe DDS Complete Health Dentistry and Igoe 2 Yoga, 11065 West Center St. Ext., Medina. For more information about their businesses, visit or

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