By the Numbers: Clarion Supports Dentists Coast to Coast

16_Clarion Map

Pennsylvania, New York, Texas, California – in each of these four states, more than 100 dental professionals has received financing from Clarion Financial®.

Want a better picture of how this innovative lender is helping dentists nationwide to achieve their dreams? See the map of the continental U.S. in the accompanying infographic. The number depicted in each pinpoint equals the dentists in each state who have been offered financing.

Coast to coast, Clarion Financial® is committed to taking the stress out of the financing process so the bridge between the practitioners and their goals are short and solid.

Which is more important – patient chairs, or the seats in the waiting room? The answer is both. Patient perceptions are shaped by every aspect of their experience. That’s why Clarion Financial® happily provides 100% financing for virtually everything dental professionals need.

With 100% financing, practitioners are able to hit the ground running. Plus, cash remains untouched and intact for savings, working capital or expenses.

Learn more about this lender, which employs more than 50 full time associates, and features nationwide sales offices and processing centers in Minnesota and Pennsylvania that  are focused on their mission to connect valued customers with the monetary resources they need to achieve the ideal practice. Call toll-free: 1-800-228-2924 or visit on the web: